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By: Martin Pharand

When you vote, who do you vote for, your constituency rep, the party they belong to, or the leader of that party? If you consider your answer carefully, I think you will find that your answer quite clearly communicates a set political perspective or set of values. If you found yourself not caring too much about a party leader I applaud your originality; because I am inclined to think, especially in light of recent events, that Canadian overvaluation of party leaders happens much to the detriment of our democracy and to the freedom of speech of our MPs. I have discussed political culture and the trouble of determining whether institutions influence behaviour or vice versa (link of previous article). Bearing the above question, your answer and that difficulty in mind; and as a matter of retribution, come along with me, and consider the recent ‘Warawa Affair’ and the state of big ‘L’ Liberal-ism, in Canada.

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Last month Conservative backbenchers attempted to raise the issue of abortion in the House and were silenced by our mighty PM. These MPs, led by one Mark Warawa, then tried and failed to argue that this was a contravention of their right to deliver member’s statements.

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