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By: Clement Nocos

Just a few pie charts on the state of last weekend’s Canadian political affairs.

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By: Clement Nocos

(Full disclosure, I was one of the nearly 2000 delegates in Montreal this weekend for the party’s first policy convention since Jack Layton’s passing in 2011. Pardon the partisanship.)

I would like to briefly point out to readers something that has irked me this past weekend regarding the NDP’s position on the values and principles it is supposed to be basing its policies and goals off of. Headlines such as NDP votes to take ‘socialism’ out of party constitution, NDP tempers historical socialist rhetoric by adopting new mission statement’,  and most other titles have gone on to paint a divisive narrative in the party.



Much of the ink spilled regarding the ‘abandonment of socialism’ by the NDP is in reference to the preamble of the party constitution that sets the parameters of policy. Often described as a mission statement, the preamble is described as having not made any mention of socialism and that the party has now drifted rightward for a chance at forming government in 2015.

But many arguments against the NDP and its ‘abandonment of socialism’ have formed for many people who are now reacting across the Internet without ever having actually read the preamble. So is socialism missing from the preamble? Well, read on:

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