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By: Jared Milne

The results of last year’s provincial election in Quebec, which returned the Parti Quebecois to power, only reconfirmed the perceptions many Canadians in other parts of the country had of Quebec. The rest of Canada continues to consider the province as spoiled and entitled; still musing about separating from Canada despite having dominated the political agenda for nearly four decades and having received billions of dollars in transfer payments. Separation is seen simply as a way for Quebec to blackmail more power and money from the rest of the country.



The province is also seen as intolerant because of language legislation like Bill 101 which other Canadians believe restricts individual rights and freedom of choice, particularly the rights of its Anglo-Quebec minority. Past Prime Ministers like Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien are seen as having only cared about their own province, blowing off many of the concerns of other parts of Canada. These attitudes prevail despite the rest of Canada’s efforts to accommodate Quebec by accepting bilingualism and the growing enrolment of children in French immersion schools, which is what they thought Francophone Quebecers were looking for.

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By: Clement Nocos

My sincerest apologies in advance for the snarkiness that is to follow. The existence of Ben Affleck’s (now Academy Award winning) film Argo has really rustled Canadian jimmies in a way usually reserved for when Team USA beats out Team Canada in some form of hockey. Some feel the “Canadian Caper”  in the film doesn’t depict enough Canadian involvement; that it gives too much credit to the CIA and America.


So when the film won the Oscar for Best Film last Sunday, you can see the continued outrage over the movie when the cast and crew were thanked and Canada was thanked, but Mr. Affleck had apparently forgotten to give a shout out to former Canadian ambassador to Iran Ken Taylor who was central in orchestrating the [SPOLIER] escape.

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